Pentamuse EP (lyric version)

NOTE: Pentamuse will be released June 10 of this year.  EP cover art coming soon.    DSBIY (or, “Don’t Stop Believing In You”) I got lost on the trails I’ve paved Stuck in a puzzle that I’ve helped to create Colors start to fray Fixated on my shadow on this cool, sunny day   I’m […]

Wiser Man EP (lyric version)

1 – Wiser Man  I’ve been traveling down a wider road with less reason I’ve been going down a smoother path of more consistent seasons It’s the higher end of the fork in the trail where I’ve committed treason   Everybody’s going eighty on a seventy-mile highway All the politics a-buzzin’ makes me wanna drive […]


  NOW FREE WITH A DONATION 0:00 Solid Doubt 3:53 I Don’t Want To Sleep Tonight 9:00 Goliath 13:09 Thank You, My Beautiful Friend 17:50 Please Listen Originally released Oct 1, 2016 on Bandcamp: “Every song on the EP either tells of a time & place or sends a message. They are also outlets for […]

New-Year Thoughts

Time is continuous, regardless of year, month, day, etc.  It takes a while for me to actually accept that the previous year is practically gone.  (Case in point, it still feels like 2016.  Give me a couple days.  Maybe a couple weeks.) Plus, every holiday is ripe for corporations to harvest more money from consumer […]


…..compared to others in the area. But, after promoting the EP & the cause, every one of you (at any point this week) helped raise over $80 total!! Thank you all. I’ll be at The Livery’s open stage (12/5) to continue performing and supporting. Let’s keep on the good fight! #StandWithStandingRock UPDATE: It’s a miracle […]

Around 85% will go to…

…help protest the North Dakota Access Pipeline.  In other words, around 85% of what I get from upcoming shows (EP sales, tips, checks, etc.) will be donated to help fight against the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Dates below: 11/28 –James Neary and Friends in the NEST 12/2 – Canterbury Theatre First Friday Open Stage 12/3 […]


I recently did my first ever studio/video session at Upstate in South Bend, IN.  Nerve-wracking, indeed, as are all firsts.  But I’m grateful beyond words to the camera and audio crew for giving me sound advice (no pun intended) during those first couple takes. Click HERE to see me perform “I Don’t Want To Sleep […]